Thank you for visiting Montana Grandparents, where we strive to provide the most helpful and viable resources to those who take this role seriously. In some statistics I read in an article dated January 2020, some 2.7 million grandparents are now raising their grandkids. This means that more resources are necessary that target this generation that may have never in a million years thought that this would be something they would be doing.

If you are among that 2.7 million number, there are places you can reach out to for help and encouragement. One site I would like to introduce to you here is a government site to explore to see if you may qualify for financial assistance. Check out this page from the US Department of Health & Human Services for starters:

Also, another page you may find helpful as you begin your search is presented by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition:

Let “Google” be your friend, and search for information in your area as well (e.g. if you live in Montana, you might type: “help for grandparents raising grandchild Billings” or wherever you reside.

Remember always, you aren’t alone in this! There is help for you!