In the 50’s my grandmother washed my hair in homemade soap, then a vinegar and water wash and finally with icy water. I screamed, every time. That water was cold.

She would say, “Hair doesn’t like heat. Cold water gives it shine.”

She was correct. Hair doesn’t like heat, nor does it like to be washed too much. It is best washed twice a week with a shampoo that does not have hydrating ingredients and does have helpful ones. But there are arguments about how often to wash your hair. Know your hair and wash as frequently as your hair needs washed.

Other times, when not washing the hair it can be rinsed with conditioner.

Experts warn people not to use shampoo-conditioner combinations.

Once out of the shower, it is best to comb the hair with a large toothed comb and be gentle. Don’t force the comb through the hair to pull out tangles. Go gentle.

Heat The Hair

If possible, let your hair dry naturally, patting the major sopping water with the towel but not scrubbing it dry. Blow drying should be done on the lower temperatures though it will take longer.

Try, if wonderful hair seen in those advertisements is desired, to turn down that hot water, maybe take a hot shower and at the end turn it down to wash and condition the hair.

If possible, do not use a hot curling iron. It is better to use steam curlers if curling is desired. It is hard to give up habits and if a curling iron is a habit, it will be hard to give up. You want to keep hair density in mind. If you want to increase hair density, you have to make sure you are taking care of your hair.

If heat is a must for you, try giving your damp hair some heat protective spray. If you are constantly in the sun, your hair will benefit from having a conditioner or a spray heat protectant. If your skin can hurt from too much heat and sun, and bad diet, hair can be affected also.


Eating right leads to hair coming out of the scalp in good condition. Eat meats regularly and put into the body naturally healthy foods. Lots of iron, omega threes, proteins and zinc all help. If poisons come out into the hair, these good foods will show up in extra strength and shine. You want your hair to slip like silk around you and shine like satin.

Taking extra collagen will make the hair fuller and give it body. It will also help strengthen nails and improve the skin.

Keep Hair Trimmed

Hair actually grows faster if it is given trims every eight weeks or so. This avoids split ends, but strangely, hair grows faster if it is trimmed even if you are trying to grow it out. It feels good to have the scalp massaged, but it also helps stimulate growth and proper oils.

The Correct Products

With all the products in the market place, it is often hard to know what to buy. It is suggested to not buy shampoos including ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate which will damage the hair. Select a shampoo for your hair, too dry, colored or whatever. And select the conditioner that will not dry out hair. Look for shampoo and conditioner that do not contain sulphates. Read the label.

Oils will help your hair. Some of them are Argon Oil that comes from Morocco, Spraying a bit on hair when it is wet is best, but even dry, will help give it shine and give it manageability. Perfuming coconut oil is also good for the hair.

Whatever shampoo is chosen, experts seem to agree that using too much shampoo is detrimental. Soaping up with a full head of bubbles feels good and is something we have become accustomed to. Hard as it may be, those some experts say to massage the shampoo into the scalp to increase blood flow and rid hair of dirt and damage.

Thinning Hair

You know that stress will cause trouble with your hair, possibly thinning it. Vitamins will help with the thinning, vitamin B, particularly Biotin. Research showed that taking biotin improved the regrowth. As we age, our genetic impulses take over and cause us to lose hair. Nobody likes this, but often there is nothing that can be done.

Some things do work. Some things will cause hair to thin:

Medicines that cause thinning or damage.
Thyroid problems
Crash diets


Hair is quite delicate. It needs care. Don’t use so much shampoo and use shampoos that will help and not hinder beauty, that is, read the label and do not buy shampoos with drying agents. Condition hair by pushing the conditioner through to the ends if your hair is long and leave it in the hair two to five minutes.