Important Roles

  • Family “Watchdog” Helping family members during times of crisis.

    Nurturer Nurturing family values and providing emotional support.

    Family Historian Providing a sense of family history and passing down rituals, traditions, and family values.

    Companion Forming special relationships with grandchildren.
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Children Feel Close to Grandparents
  • "My grandparent is an enjoyable person to be with."

    "My grandparent has expressed special interest, love, and appreciation for me."

    "I have great admiration for my grandparent- the attitudes and values 
    or the things my grandparent has accomplished."

    "I can relax and feel comfortable around my grandparent."

    "My grandparent helps me feel proud of myself."

    "I know my grandparent will always be available to help me or 
    encourage and support me."

    "My grandparent listens to and understands me and treats me as an individual."

    "My grandparent’s admiration makes me want to be a credit to my grandparent."

    "My grandparent expresses much affection for me with words and hugs."

    "My grandparent has taught me many things."

    Source: Kennedy, G.E. (1991). Grandchildren’s reasons for closeness with grandparents. 
    Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 6, 697-712 as cited in Parenting: A Life Span Perspective by Carole Martin & Karen Culbert, 1997.
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